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Lil Rob – Uncut For The Calles | Upstairs Records, Inc.

Lil Rob – Uncut For The Calles

1. Pocos pero locos - Khoolaid Intro
2. Mi Vida Loca (Flow) Feat. Ese Diaz of Spanish Fly
3.Get High
4.Get Back Feat. T-Weapons
5.For the Streets Feat. Lil J The Mex Connect
6.From SD to H-Town Feat. Lucky Luciano
7. Three Amigos Feat. Low G and Chocstilli
8. The Governator Skit
9. What you see Ft. Gemini & Carmen San Diego
10. Got Weed Ft. Nasty
11. Get Your Feria Ft. Baby Bash
12. Lil Rob's in the House
13. West Coast Ridaz Ft. Frost & Diamonique
14. Truth or Consequences Ft. Clicka I
15. Clear
16. Bring it Back
17. Nasty rock Ft. Fingazz
18. Cinco de Mayo
19. Hard Times Ft. Slow Pain, Ese Daz & I Down
20. Volver
21. Stuck with you Ft. Fingazz


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